The Beginning of Motherhood

I was told at 16 I’d never be able to have kids (I’ll share that experience at another time), so every time Mother’s Day would come around and I’d see my sister-in-law at the time celebrating with her kids it always hit a little harder, especially because I was married and wanting to start a family.

I will never forget the time being at my now ex mother in laws celebrating Mother’s Day with them (my husband and I would spend half the time with my mom the other half with his mom) and she came over to me and told me she spoke to a psychic and was told that there was a baby in the near future.

So, I stopped my birth control (I had to take it due to endometriosis) and prayed for a miracle. August came along and it was time to celebrate my mother in laws birthday and alcohol was involved. Life continued as normal.

Then in the September we went hiking with Jeremy’s best friend Ricky and his wife at Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose, TX. I did not feel right and with every step I took my breast hurt. Finally told them something is not right, and Ricky’s response was, “on the way back home were stopping to get you two pregnancy tests.”

So, hours later and lunch we stopped by the grocery store bought two tests and off to Ricky and Patrice’s house to take the test. Patrice was so excited she came into the bathroom with me as we waited for the lines to appear, and THEY DID. We were all overcome with so much emotion and the phone calls started.

This is just the beginning of one of the most rewarding roles…. check back for updates on the rest of this story.

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