My First True Love, Hunter

My son Hunter is now 21 years old and I could not be prouder of him. He has not always had it so easy. He lost his father at the age of ten. Let me tell you getting him dressed for his father’s funeral was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do besides telling him his father had passed away. Yes, children bury their parents everyday but when they lose a parent at an early age, it is harder on the child. They are left with the what ifs, what would Dad/Mom say or do, the thoughts of them never having that parent teach them to drive, watch them graduate, get married, or have kids. I know for me that was a hard pill for me to even swallow. I wished more than anything Jeremy was still here for all the milestones that Hunter will experience.

Hunter is a good combo of me and his daddy. He is stubborn at times (dad), likes to figure out things the hard way (his dad), quiet (dad), loving and caring (me and his daddy), and a worry wart (that would be my fault).

I am trying to teach him to calm down when the anxiety and worry comes up but I know it is hard at that age. It was not till I was older that I realized “you can’t sweat the small stuff” and that I need take it one step at a time. Oh, I forgot to mention he is very impatient too (I used to be I am sure Justin would say I still am).

No child should experience burying their parent at a young age.

Hunter loves his momma there’s no doubt about it but of course with every child/parent relationship I’m sure I get on his nerves. We’ve always had a great open relationship. I always wanted him to feel he could tell me anything. Although something’s he would tell me left me thinking “ok that might have been a little too much” but I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way.

Hunter’s Birthday party 2012.

Don’t get me wrong we’ve had rough patches just like every child/parent relationship but being a single momma wasn’t easy and tough calls had to be made. Overall, I do believe he does respect me more for those tough decisions.

He graduated South Grand Prairie High in 2020, the start of COVID – 19. He went on spring break and never returned. Classes were done at home on the computer and just like everyone else restricted from doing too much of anything. Not at all how I wished he would have experienced his senior year however he was cool with it. One of his big milestones I wish his daddy was there in person for. After graduating he decided to do the Dallas Promise (offered to all graduates in the Dallas Independent School District) for welding. I’m a strong believer in learning a trade and so is Justin. 3 months into college he was offered a welding job at a company in Ft. Worth. He worked there for a while making decent money for his age and without any certificates. I was so happy for him. The hours were long and it was a beating on him so eventually he switched jobs and totally left the welding field for a while. He then about a year ago started working for another company, welding when just recently the company he first started welding at asked him to come back for more money than what he’s currently making. So super stoked for him and his future in welding.

Hunter Truman Middle School – loved watching him play football.
Hunter and his dad.

I raised Hunter learning responsibility and instilling in him excellent work ethic. I always told him you must work hard for what you want nothing will be handed to you and NO ONE owes you anything, hard work pays off. He bought his 1st vehicle with no cosigner that says a lot in my opinion. I know I had to have a cosigner on one of my vehicles so to me that was a big moment for Hunter. His Aunt Tammy (his dad’s sister) bought his 1st truck for him and we were so thankful for that. She also paid for 1 year of his insurance. I told Hunter after that year was up, he would then have to help me pay half of his insurance. Insurance for young male drivers is expensive. He did help me with it. Mind you Hunter started working at 15 and was paying his own cell phone bill at 16 yes old. He doesn’t like to miss work or be late for anything so he’s accomplished the good work ethics and responsibility I believe.

I can go on and on about Hunter and how proud of him I am. I will share more stories of Hunter and how he was growing up.

One of my favorites of Hunter!

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