Shout out to all small business owner’s….

Times are tough and some customers do not understand that prices go up daily.
When we bought our business in September of 2021 we did not realize as first-time business owner’s the struggles we would face with customer’s. Even though they know prices are increasing on everyday products outside of our store they seem to still get so upset with us. We have often thought about telling them to contact the maker of the products.

There is so much that goes into running a business, you have overhead,
fuel/freight charges, credit card processing fees, employees to pay, building
rent/mortgage, business loans, and so much more. I wish customers really
understood especially with our business, yes, we want to make profit but we
keep our prices lower than most companies around us. We are not in the business to price gouge our customers. Trust me we would like to see more profit but keeping this business up and running for our customer’s is first. We do not drive brand new vehicles and do not live in a million-dollar home. We are
everyday average people running a business.

Not all small businesses run for the customer’s primarily, but my husband
and I do. We enjoy our regular and new customer’s and want the “everyone
knows everyone” atmosphere when customers come in here.

Today we had a customer come in and yelling at one of our employees because a bag of dog food went up (we are still $8-$10 cheaper than everyone around) one dollar from 2 weeks ago. It is simply crazy some people think products should stay the same while prices increase every time, we get a new order in. They also do not realize we do not order a ton of one kind of dog food because we want our customers to have fresh food. So again, every week we get new stock in which means prices may go up but to yell at my employee over a $1.00 I think is absurd.

If I could tell all consumers just one thing it would be: Please be patient with all business’s, be kind to the employees that did show up to work (if they didn’t come in there would be no one there to sale you the products you need), that prices didn’t go up just on gas, milk, and eggs it’s gone up on all things, and treat the business owners and employees the way you want to be treated.

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