The Evil With In – Living Life With An Autoimmune Disease

You see me smile but don’t see the pain…
You see me walk, at times with a limp or a little bit slower than the day before…
You brush up against me and it hurts…
I wear clothes just like you but it hurts…
Those cute shoes you wear not possible for me..
I ask you to open a simple jar of food for me, with the look on your face as if I’m weak, but I promise you I’m stronger than what you give me credit for…
The lines on my face yes they come from years of worry and age but there’s more to them…..
You have no idea what a daily fight with my body is like but let me share with you….

My wedding day 2020 with my mom.

My mom was diagnosed with Lupus and Srojens, 11 years ago this month. She went to another specialist for a regular appointment when he noticed a rash on her neck and chest. She thought nothing more of the rash and thought it was from a cleaning product they used in the tanning bed since she was tanning at the time. The doctor than referred her to a dermatologist after 4 months of oral antibiotics and creams were not working.

The dermatologist then did a biopsy. We were all worried about her but again we didn’t think much of it. Results came back as Lupus and then with further testing that comes along with having Lupus, she was diagnosed with Srojens.

Depression and worry set in for her and us as well. More testing and more frequent doctors visits would be her norm for the rest of her life. I do remember her having severe back pain years before her diagnosis and going to the ER and they said it was a pulled muscle. I remember calling her on the phone and she always sounded like she just ran a marathon when she answered. Never did we imagine she would be diagnosed with these 2 ailments.

Some people wait years for a diagnosis of Lupus. It does require ANA blood testing and in my moms case several biopsies (she didn’t believe the 1st biopsy result so she requested another.)

For more info on Lupus my mom swears by this website for more info.

For more info on Srojens click here

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