So Much Energy

I’m up and at it early this morning feeding my parents dogs while my parents are out of town.

If only we all had the energy of a Boston Terrier. I know I’d get a lot more accomplished for the day. I purchased my 1st Boston Terrier at the age of 17. I can clearly hear my mom saying “No more dogs, I’ll be the one taking care of them!” You know the quilt typical quilt trip when a child (no matter the age) wants a new pet.

I remember the day clearly. I was on a mission that morning to call around and find one. So in between works calls and on break that’s what I did. When I got off work the original plan was to meet the family for my sisters softball awards that evening. Hunters daddy coached (we were only dating at the time) my sisters team and my mom wanted me there.

I remember leaving a voicemail on my moms answering machine (we didn’t have cell phones then), “Hey I’m going to be late this evening but I’ll be there!” I never liked to be late for anything or miss a family gathering but I was determined to get my Boston Terrier.

So 5pm rolled around, clocked out from work, printed out my google map (not sure how I made it without a GPS back then), and off I was towards Alliance Airport for my dog. Never took in consideration of rush hour traffic or anything.

I got to the breeders house (I firmly believe in Adoptions/Rescues these days) and was immediately surrounded by tons of puppies. They weren’t caged, dirty, or sick looking so I felt at peace about my soon to be best friend. The lady brought out several BT puppies to interact with. I immediately fell in love with the one who was running circles around the others, bouncing off the walls of the playpen, and just had a personality. When I went to pick her up from the playpen she had latched on to one of the other dogs so at the time I was picking 2 up. 🤣

She was it this was my new puppy and best friend. Her name would be Taz after the Tasmanian devil. She was full of energy, sweet, loved water, loved sneaking in the shower with you, laser’s, and people. Remember now my mom told me No but I made up my mind.

With Taz in hand we headed back to Grand Prairie to the softball fields. After all my mom couldn’t tell me no, she wouldn’t dare yell at me in front of everyone either, and my Dad would never say no to a dog.

We arrived and my dad instantly fell in love. My mom well she didn’t have much to say but I did get that “look” more than once. My sister was excited.

So even though Taz has passed away since then she is still the reason why BT’s are one of my favorite breeds and we still have them in the family today.

Meet my moms BT, Missy. It’s 6:24am and she’s ready for the day.

Missy 8/2022

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