Dry Skin

With all that’s going on medically it seems every part of my body was dry. Hands, feet, face, and everywhere in between. 🤪

I was messaging back in forth with my friend Christina about why I wasn’t able to meet up for lunch one day, giving her the low down on the major sinus infection causing major dizziness. We then got on the subject of getting old and we’re comparing our symptoms.

Before collagen-right hand. August 18th

Before collagen – left hand! August 18th

Christina then told me about the liquid collagen she had been using and spoke highly of it. She stated that it absorbs so much quicker and is medical grade.

Left hand – August 18th

My finger nails were so brittle as well! Just touching something they would break and they weren’t growing. I took pride in my naturally long fingers nails and now they weren’t growing at all.

Length of my hair! August 21st

My hair had stopped growing even though I was using the powder collagen in my coffee on a daily basis and every other day or so adding a collagen chew. By this point I felt as though my body was attacking itself. Getting old sucks. 🤪

Right foot – August 18th

My feet have been try for over a year now and in March this year after a biopsy I was diagnosed with eczema. I would get water filled pockets on both my hands and feet. The dermatologist stated that it was called Dyshidrosis. What was weird it would only disappear when I was sick and if I was feeling great they would appear.

Left foot – August 18th

So I ordered my liquid collagen from Amazon and started taking that the day I received it, August 18th. Christina did not tell me much about it. Only that’s it’s been working for her. 🤣 So I’m going to warn you now…sweet mango for me tastes like crap. I had to hold back from vomiting. It’s super thick, you can take it by the tablespoon or mix it with a drink of your choice. I messaged Christina “OMG you didn’t tell me it was nasty!” 🤪

Stay tuned and I will update progress photos in September.

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