I Cheated Today With No Regrets

Texas is known for many things and Bar-B-Q is one of those things. There’s plenty to choose from but Justin and I really enjoy Jambo’s BBQ. Located in Arlington and anytime Justin asks if I want to go with him to pick up product for the store, I’m all in.

The Pambo!

There’s not one thing that we’ve tried here that we have not liked. That saying “you get what you pay for” well it’s true at Jambo’s. The Pambo is about $13.00.

All I could eat!

Yes I cheated on my eating healthier but have no regrets. I look at it this way, I still had protein and fiber.

So if your in the mood for barbecue and want to try something new, try Jambo’s I promise you won’t be disappointed. The service, staff, and owner are awesome.

For more info www.jambosbbq.com

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