Last night hit me like a ton of bricks. My body hurt. It hurt to sit, walk, and lay down. I woke up at 2:30am hurting so bad. My neck, hip, and feet were killing me. So I went to the kitchen and ended up taking a muscle relaxer and had yogurt to help with any upset stomach that might arise.

It’s been a little over a month now since I’ve had medicine for my fibromyalgia. I had to switch rheumatologist because the one I had been seeing for a couple years was no longer on my insurance plan. So I’ve had to start this whole process over. Blood work has been done and reviewed by doctor and X-rays were completed yesterday. My follow up appointment for those results aren’t till the end of September.

I’ve been doing great on my eating healthier and exercise but when I have a flare up it stops me in my tracks. I did email the doctors office last week with hopes they’d give me something for the inflammation and pain. Of course I was told they don’t give pain meds (not looking for narcotic types of pain meds) and I’d have to wait till my follow up.

The past few weeks there’s been an increase in pain and swelling in my right foot too. So I decided to do exercises that were low impact. Well apparently low impact for me means NO EXERCISE AT ALL. Ugh. That’s probably why my hip and lower back hurt so bad today. I mean it hurts to even walk today. I refuse to give up though.

August 26th swelling in my right hand.

I took today off work to try and clean the house and finish the bathroom project I started the other day. I didn’t get much accomplished at all.

August 26th – swelling in my left hand.

I do not believe I have lupus like my mom and cousin but firmly believe something’s going on more than just fibromyalgia. I told my mom today if the doctor comes back and says nothing is wrong with me I was going to jump off a bridge. 🤪

Honestly I just pray for answers and I pray for others that suffer from inflammation and autoimmune disorders. People on the outside really have no clue how painful it is. Even to do just the simple tasks it’s hard.

Stay tuned for updates on my condition.

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