Home Repairs

I decided to redo my bathroom here at the house 2 weeks ago. There was no planning I just went on a whim. I do realize now almost 2 weeks later that planning could’ve helped with my sanity some.

The bathroom before.

The owner doesn’t have much style as you can tell in the above photo of the bathroom. Yes we rent, we love where we are, the almost 1 acre of backyard is a major bonus, and the best bonus is the monthly rent. You can’t find a 1 bedroom apartment for what we pay to live here. So while some may say we’re wasting money I’m looking at the huge savings and what we get for our money. The owner also has no issues with us redoing the inside of the home. We don’t plan on moving as long as we own the feed store. We’ve asked him to sell this to us as well and he still hasn’t budged.

I definitely could be paying $2,000 a month for a brick home and have a gorgeous bathroom but that amount of payment would stress me out. We live a pretty simple life. Do I want more and better? Well of course but I refuse to strap myself financially.

So Monday I replaced the bathroom faucet all by myself. Well I did have to have the kiddo break one of the plastic nuts off the old faucet and had to have husband assist with cutting some PVC.

The new tile and YES wall paper going up.

It did take me about 6 hours and 2 trips to Home Depot to get it right but I did it. I’m super proud of myself. Could my husband have done more? Yes but why? I’m just as capable and my momma always told me if you want something done, learn to do it yourself instead of waiting on someone to do it for you. So not that I was waiting on Justin to do it I just dove off it in and the end result was satisfying. I will be doing the kitchen sink as well but I’m going to wait a few months on that.🤪

Old faucet definitely needed a new one.
This part is where I cussed the most and had the hardest time making sure the pvc joined.

All in all I’m proud of myself. That’s one small home improvement done and now working on painting the living room.

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