A Little About Tiffany’s Parents

Mom & Dad St. Augustine, FL 2017

Penny & Craig Smith

I must say I do have some of the best parents a girl good ask for. Just like every family we’ve done the bickering, not talking for a few days, etc…..but most importantly we love each other deeply.

My mom and dad were both born and raised in Butler, PA. They met in 1975 and started dating that year. They moved to Texas in October of 1979, married in 1980, and then the best thing ever happened in 1981, the birth of the greatest daughter ever, ME. 🙂

My mom is outspoken (she’s gotten better with age), strong, great keeper of secrets, caretaker, friendly, caring, and will do anything in her power for her family. I watched her take care of my grandpa for years while he was sick with no complaints, often missing my sisters games or putting herself on the back burner. She was there for my grandma as such for many years till my grandma moved to Florida to be with my Aunt and her family.

My dad Craig Smith, what can I say he’s laid back, worry wart (that’s where I get it from), great bullshitter, never meets a stranger, loves his kids and grandkids with all he has, and he loves my momma something fierce. One thing I admire most about him is the love he has for her. 42 years of marriage and with ups and downs his love and dedication to her has never wavered. When she was diagnosed with Lupus it crushed him deeply and if my mom needs anything at all he’ll drop what he’s doing for her. My dad is also where my sister and I get our sense of humor and trust me that can be vulgar at times.

My dad had one of those mornings where nothing went right so he stopped by my job and we went for lunch. 7/2022
My wedding reception 11/2020. Absolutely loved my mommas out fit. Too bad I didn’t get a picture of the boots she had on.