Update to Liquid Collagen

It WORKS!!! My nails are growing, not breaking as much, and my hands aren’t as dry.

Left hand not the best photo but you can definitely tell the mail growth!

Now my eczema on the palm of my hands have been horrible this past week. Stress is the culprit for that. I blame myself for it considering I decided to start so many projects at once.

Even with the eczema flare I’ve been having I do believe the liquid collagen does help with it.

When it was time to reorder I purchased the ready to take tart cherry flavor. Goes down a little smoother than the tart mango. The stuff is thick no matter what.

Home Repairs

I decided to redo my bathroom here at the house 2 weeks ago. There was no planning I just went on a whim. I do realize now almost 2 weeks later that planning could’ve helped with my sanity some.

The bathroom before.

The owner doesn’t have much style as you can tell in the above photo of the bathroom. Yes we rent, we love where we are, the almost 1 acre of backyard is a major bonus, and the best bonus is the monthly rent. You can’t find a 1 bedroom apartment for what we pay to live here. So while some may say we’re wasting money I’m looking at the huge savings and what we get for our money. The owner also has no issues with us redoing the inside of the home. We don’t plan on moving as long as we own the feed store. We’ve asked him to sell this to us as well and he still hasn’t budged.

I definitely could be paying $2,000 a month for a brick home and have a gorgeous bathroom but that amount of payment would stress me out. We live a pretty simple life. Do I want more and better? Well of course but I refuse to strap myself financially.

So Monday I replaced the bathroom faucet all by myself. Well I did have to have the kiddo break one of the plastic nuts off the old faucet and had to have husband assist with cutting some PVC.

The new tile and YES wall paper going up.

It did take me about 6 hours and 2 trips to Home Depot to get it right but I did it. I’m super proud of myself. Could my husband have done more? Yes but why? I’m just as capable and my momma always told me if you want something done, learn to do it yourself instead of waiting on someone to do it for you. So not that I was waiting on Justin to do it I just dove off it in and the end result was satisfying. I will be doing the kitchen sink as well but I’m going to wait a few months on that.🤪

Old faucet definitely needed a new one.
This part is where I cussed the most and had the hardest time making sure the pvc joined.

All in all I’m proud of myself. That’s one small home improvement done and now working on painting the living room.


Last night hit me like a ton of bricks. My body hurt. It hurt to sit, walk, and lay down. I woke up at 2:30am hurting so bad. My neck, hip, and feet were killing me. So I went to the kitchen and ended up taking a muscle relaxer and had yogurt to help with any upset stomach that might arise.

It’s been a little over a month now since I’ve had medicine for my fibromyalgia. I had to switch rheumatologist because the one I had been seeing for a couple years was no longer on my insurance plan. So I’ve had to start this whole process over. Blood work has been done and reviewed by doctor and X-rays were completed yesterday. My follow up appointment for those results aren’t till the end of September.

I’ve been doing great on my eating healthier and exercise but when I have a flare up it stops me in my tracks. I did email the doctors office last week with hopes they’d give me something for the inflammation and pain. Of course I was told they don’t give pain meds (not looking for narcotic types of pain meds) and I’d have to wait till my follow up.

The past few weeks there’s been an increase in pain and swelling in my right foot too. So I decided to do exercises that were low impact. Well apparently low impact for me means NO EXERCISE AT ALL. Ugh. That’s probably why my hip and lower back hurt so bad today. I mean it hurts to even walk today. I refuse to give up though.

August 26th swelling in my right hand.

I took today off work to try and clean the house and finish the bathroom project I started the other day. I didn’t get much accomplished at all.

August 26th – swelling in my left hand.

I do not believe I have lupus like my mom and cousin but firmly believe something’s going on more than just fibromyalgia. I told my mom today if the doctor comes back and says nothing is wrong with me I was going to jump off a bridge. 🤪

Honestly I just pray for answers and I pray for others that suffer from inflammation and autoimmune disorders. People on the outside really have no clue how painful it is. Even to do just the simple tasks it’s hard.

Stay tuned for updates on my condition.

I Cheated Today With No Regrets

Texas is known for many things and Bar-B-Q is one of those things. There’s plenty to choose from but Justin and I really enjoy Jambo’s BBQ. Located in Arlington and anytime Justin asks if I want to go with him to pick up product for the store, I’m all in.

The Pambo!

There’s not one thing that we’ve tried here that we have not liked. That saying “you get what you pay for” well it’s true at Jambo’s. The Pambo is about $13.00.

All I could eat!

Yes I cheated on my eating healthier but have no regrets. I look at it this way, I still had protein and fiber.

So if your in the mood for barbecue and want to try something new, try Jambo’s I promise you won’t be disappointed. The service, staff, and owner are awesome.

For more info www.jambosbbq.com

Dry Skin

With all that’s going on medically it seems every part of my body was dry. Hands, feet, face, and everywhere in between. 🤪

I was messaging back in forth with my friend Christina about why I wasn’t able to meet up for lunch one day, giving her the low down on the major sinus infection causing major dizziness. We then got on the subject of getting old and we’re comparing our symptoms.

Before collagen-right hand. August 18th

Before collagen – left hand! August 18th

Christina then told me about the liquid collagen she had been using and spoke highly of it. She stated that it absorbs so much quicker and is medical grade.

Left hand – August 18th

My finger nails were so brittle as well! Just touching something they would break and they weren’t growing. I took pride in my naturally long fingers nails and now they weren’t growing at all.

Length of my hair! August 21st

My hair had stopped growing even though I was using the powder collagen in my coffee on a daily basis and every other day or so adding a collagen chew. By this point I felt as though my body was attacking itself. Getting old sucks. 🤪

Right foot – August 18th

My feet have been try for over a year now and in March this year after a biopsy I was diagnosed with eczema. I would get water filled pockets on both my hands and feet. The dermatologist stated that it was called Dyshidrosis. What was weird it would only disappear when I was sick and if I was feeling great they would appear.

Left foot – August 18th

So I ordered my liquid collagen from Amazon and started taking that the day I received it, August 18th. Christina did not tell me much about it. Only that’s it’s been working for her. 🤣 So I’m going to warn you now…sweet mango for me tastes like crap. I had to hold back from vomiting. It’s super thick, you can take it by the tablespoon or mix it with a drink of your choice. I messaged Christina “OMG you didn’t tell me it was nasty!” 🤪

Stay tuned and I will update progress photos in September.

Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining

It’s been well over 60 some odd days since the part of Texas I live in has saw rain. Grass is dead, farmers are selling off livestock, hay is scarce, grass & flowers are dead, allergies and sinus are horrible.

BUT we may see some rain this evening. Right now it’s monster size hail. Please bring in the rain and let the hail go away.

So Much Energy

I’m up and at it early this morning feeding my parents dogs while my parents are out of town.

If only we all had the energy of a Boston Terrier. I know I’d get a lot more accomplished for the day. I purchased my 1st Boston Terrier at the age of 17. I can clearly hear my mom saying “No more dogs, I’ll be the one taking care of them!” You know the quilt typical quilt trip when a child (no matter the age) wants a new pet.

I remember the day clearly. I was on a mission that morning to call around and find one. So in between works calls and on break that’s what I did. When I got off work the original plan was to meet the family for my sisters softball awards that evening. Hunters daddy coached (we were only dating at the time) my sisters team and my mom wanted me there.

I remember leaving a voicemail on my moms answering machine (we didn’t have cell phones then), “Hey I’m going to be late this evening but I’ll be there!” I never liked to be late for anything or miss a family gathering but I was determined to get my Boston Terrier.

So 5pm rolled around, clocked out from work, printed out my google map (not sure how I made it without a GPS back then), and off I was towards Alliance Airport for my dog. Never took in consideration of rush hour traffic or anything.

I got to the breeders house (I firmly believe in Adoptions/Rescues these days) and was immediately surrounded by tons of puppies. They weren’t caged, dirty, or sick looking so I felt at peace about my soon to be best friend. The lady brought out several BT puppies to interact with. I immediately fell in love with the one who was running circles around the others, bouncing off the walls of the playpen, and just had a personality. When I went to pick her up from the playpen she had latched on to one of the other dogs so at the time I was picking 2 up. 🤣

She was it this was my new puppy and best friend. Her name would be Taz after the Tasmanian devil. She was full of energy, sweet, loved water, loved sneaking in the shower with you, laser’s, and people. Remember now my mom told me No but I made up my mind.

With Taz in hand we headed back to Grand Prairie to the softball fields. After all my mom couldn’t tell me no, she wouldn’t dare yell at me in front of everyone either, and my Dad would never say no to a dog.

We arrived and my dad instantly fell in love. My mom well she didn’t have much to say but I did get that “look” more than once. My sister was excited.

So even though Taz has passed away since then she is still the reason why BT’s are one of my favorite breeds and we still have them in the family today.

Meet my moms BT, Missy. It’s 6:24am and she’s ready for the day.

Missy 8/2022

B12 Deficiency

It all makes sense now on why I’m so tired all the time and probably the reason why I was constantly reaching for Dr. Pepper. This I believe has contributed to a lot of my weight gain.

Since my results last week I’ve been trying to eat healthier, exercise more, and cut out the Dr. Peppers. I’ve not been 100% successful in it cutting out the Dr. Peppers because I realize that was my “coffee” during the day. I’d say I’ve cut my Dr. Peppers down drastically and went to Dr. Pepper Zero for the most part. However my body is still screaming for the caffeine because the B12 deficiency has me tired tired.

Has anyone else dealt with B12 deficiency?

Feed Store Story 101!!

Phone rings….

Me: Hi this is the feed store. How can I help you?

Lady: Hi how much is your penicillin shot?

Me: Let me see if we have some.

Lady: I think my dog may have Parvo.

Me: My best advice would be for you to take dog straight to vet asap.

Lady: Well, his eyes are moving but he’s not moving, he’s not doing anything.

Me: Ma’am we do have a bottle of penicillin, but it sounds like it may be too late for a shot of it. I’d get it to the vet ASAP!

Just me being around dogs all my life my 1st sign to get it to the vet asap would be if he’s not moving but his eyes are.