The finished Stromboli!!

Sometimes all you have are memories!!!

Have you ever experienced a smell, thought, voice, or a moment that took you back in time? Of course the good memories are what I’m talking about.

• • •

In August my Uncle Brad passed away and my parents went back home for his funeral for a few days. They visited family, places, and friends they hadn’t seen in years.

One of those days I happened to call my mom to check on them and make sure everything was good for them. She informed me she was visiting with Joanie. Joanie is and will always be a bonus Grandma for me. I loved visiting her home in Butler growing up. I remember the smell of her home, the size of her kitchen (I’m sure at a young age looked bigger than what it really was), the layout of her backyard, her nice front porch, and how when you entered her front door the steps to the 2nd level were positioned at the left. Most of all the hugs and laughter that many of us shared at her home. I got to speak with her briefly that day and couldn’t hold back the tears of happiness. She was my grandma Dorothy’s best friend and we lost my grandma years ago on Thanksgiving so to hear Joanie’s voice made my heart smile.

Grandma Dorothy and Grandma Joanie made Stromboli often. So when a friend posted a recipe for it I planned with my sister and mom to make it for a Sunday dinner, which was last Sunday. My mom ended up finding another Stromboli recipe that called for homemade dough and we started the process of making it. Mom supplied the kitchen and Ashley and I went to work.

The beginning of making the homemade dough!!

It was time consuming but well worth it. We chatted about Grandma Joanie and Grandma Dorothy has we made it. However the Stromboli wasn’t as big as what I remember when they made it but I do believe we made them proud.

Forming the dough!!!

Sometimes all we have are memories. I always like to talk about them as much as possible just so I don’t forget.