Update to Liquid Collagen

It WORKS!!! My nails are growing, not breaking as much, and my hands aren’t as dry.

Left hand not the best photo but you can definitely tell the mail growth!

Now my eczema on the palm of my hands have been horrible this past week. Stress is the culprit for that. I blame myself for it considering I decided to start so many projects at once.

Even with the eczema flare I’ve been having I do believe the liquid collagen does help with it.

When it was time to reorder I purchased the ready to take tart cherry flavor. Goes down a little smoother than the tart mango. The stuff is thick no matter what.

Home Repairs

I decided to redo my bathroom here at the house 2 weeks ago. There was no planning I just went on a whim. I do realize now almost 2 weeks later that planning could’ve helped with my sanity some.

The bathroom before.

The owner doesn’t have much style as you can tell in the above photo of the bathroom. Yes we rent, we love where we are, the almost 1 acre of backyard is a major bonus, and the best bonus is the monthly rent. You can’t find a 1 bedroom apartment for what we pay to live here. So while some may say we’re wasting money I’m looking at the huge savings and what we get for our money. The owner also has no issues with us redoing the inside of the home. We don’t plan on moving as long as we own the feed store. We’ve asked him to sell this to us as well and he still hasn’t budged.

I definitely could be paying $2,000 a month for a brick home and have a gorgeous bathroom but that amount of payment would stress me out. We live a pretty simple life. Do I want more and better? Well of course but I refuse to strap myself financially.

So Monday I replaced the bathroom faucet all by myself. Well I did have to have the kiddo break one of the plastic nuts off the old faucet and had to have husband assist with cutting some PVC.

The new tile and YES wall paper going up.

It did take me about 6 hours and 2 trips to Home Depot to get it right but I did it. I’m super proud of myself. Could my husband have done more? Yes but why? I’m just as capable and my momma always told me if you want something done, learn to do it yourself instead of waiting on someone to do it for you. So not that I was waiting on Justin to do it I just dove off it in and the end result was satisfying. I will be doing the kitchen sink as well but I’m going to wait a few months on that.🤪

Old faucet definitely needed a new one.
This part is where I cussed the most and had the hardest time making sure the pvc joined.

All in all I’m proud of myself. That’s one small home improvement done and now working on painting the living room.

I Cheated Today With No Regrets

Texas is known for many things and Bar-B-Q is one of those things. There’s plenty to choose from but Justin and I really enjoy Jambo’s BBQ. Located in Arlington and anytime Justin asks if I want to go with him to pick up product for the store, I’m all in.

The Pambo!

There’s not one thing that we’ve tried here that we have not liked. That saying “you get what you pay for” well it’s true at Jambo’s. The Pambo is about $13.00.

All I could eat!

Yes I cheated on my eating healthier but have no regrets. I look at it this way, I still had protein and fiber.

So if your in the mood for barbecue and want to try something new, try Jambo’s I promise you won’t be disappointed. The service, staff, and owner are awesome.

For more info www.jambosbbq.com

Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining

It’s been well over 60 some odd days since the part of Texas I live in has saw rain. Grass is dead, farmers are selling off livestock, hay is scarce, grass & flowers are dead, allergies and sinus are horrible.

BUT we may see some rain this evening. Right now it’s monster size hail. Please bring in the rain and let the hail go away.

Feed Store Story 101!!

Phone rings….

Me: Hi this is the feed store. How can I help you?

Lady: Hi how much is your penicillin shot?

Me: Let me see if we have some.

Lady: I think my dog may have Parvo.

Me: My best advice would be for you to take dog straight to vet asap.

Lady: Well, his eyes are moving but he’s not moving, he’s not doing anything.

Me: Ma’am we do have a bottle of penicillin, but it sounds like it may be too late for a shot of it. I’d get it to the vet ASAP!

Just me being around dogs all my life my 1st sign to get it to the vet asap would be if he’s not moving but his eyes are.


The Evil With In – Living Life With An Autoimmune Disease

You see me smile but don’t see the pain…
You see me walk, at times with a limp or a little bit slower than the day before…
You brush up against me and it hurts…
I wear clothes just like you but it hurts…
Those cute shoes you wear not possible for me..
I ask you to open a simple jar of food for me, with the look on your face as if I’m weak, but I promise you I’m stronger than what you give me credit for…
The lines on my face yes they come from years of worry and age but there’s more to them…..
You have no idea what a daily fight with my body is like but let me share with you….

My wedding day 2020 with my mom.

My mom was diagnosed with Lupus and Srojens, 11 years ago this month. She went to another specialist for a regular appointment when he noticed a rash on her neck and chest. She thought nothing more of the rash and thought it was from a cleaning product they used in the tanning bed since she was tanning at the time. The doctor than referred her to a dermatologist after 4 months of oral antibiotics and creams were not working.

The dermatologist then did a biopsy. We were all worried about her but again we didn’t think much of it. Results came back as Lupus and then with further testing that comes along with having Lupus, she was diagnosed with Srojens.

Depression and worry set in for her and us as well. More testing and more frequent doctors visits would be her norm for the rest of her life. I do remember her having severe back pain years before her diagnosis and going to the ER and they said it was a pulled muscle. I remember calling her on the phone and she always sounded like she just ran a marathon when she answered. Never did we imagine she would be diagnosed with these 2 ailments.

Some people wait years for a diagnosis of Lupus. It does require ANA blood testing and in my moms case several biopsies (she didn’t believe the 1st biopsy result so she requested another.)

For more info on Lupus my mom swears by this website https://www.mylupusteam.com/ for more info.

For more info on Srojens click here https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/sjogrens-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20353216

Shout out to all small business owner’s….

Times are tough and some customers do not understand that prices go up daily.
When we bought our business in September of 2021 we did not realize as first-time business owner’s the struggles we would face with customer’s. Even though they know prices are increasing on everyday products outside of our store they seem to still get so upset with us. We have often thought about telling them to contact the maker of the products.

There is so much that goes into running a business, you have overhead,
fuel/freight charges, credit card processing fees, employees to pay, building
rent/mortgage, business loans, and so much more. I wish customers really
understood especially with our business, yes, we want to make profit but we
keep our prices lower than most companies around us. We are not in the business to price gouge our customers. Trust me we would like to see more profit but keeping this business up and running for our customer’s is first. We do not drive brand new vehicles and do not live in a million-dollar home. We are
everyday average people running a business.

Not all small businesses run for the customer’s primarily, but my husband
and I do. We enjoy our regular and new customer’s and want the “everyone
knows everyone” atmosphere when customers come in here.

Today we had a customer come in and yelling at one of our employees because a bag of dog food went up (we are still $8-$10 cheaper than everyone around) one dollar from 2 weeks ago. It is simply crazy some people think products should stay the same while prices increase every time, we get a new order in. They also do not realize we do not order a ton of one kind of dog food because we want our customers to have fresh food. So again, every week we get new stock in which means prices may go up but to yell at my employee over a $1.00 I think is absurd.

If I could tell all consumers just one thing it would be: Please be patient with all business’s, be kind to the employees that did show up to work (if they didn’t come in there would be no one there to sale you the products you need), that prices didn’t go up just on gas, milk, and eggs it’s gone up on all things, and treat the business owners and employees the way you want to be treated.

The Beginning of Motherhood

I was told at 16 I’d never be able to have kids (I’ll share that experience at another time), so every time Mother’s Day would come around and I’d see my sister-in-law at the time celebrating with her kids it always hit a little harder, especially because I was married and wanting to start a family.

I will never forget the time being at my now ex mother in laws celebrating Mother’s Day with them (my husband and I would spend half the time with my mom the other half with his mom) and she came over to me and told me she spoke to a psychic and was told that there was a baby in the near future.

So, I stopped my birth control (I had to take it due to endometriosis) and prayed for a miracle. August came along and it was time to celebrate my mother in laws birthday and alcohol was involved. Life continued as normal.

Then in the September we went hiking with Jeremy’s best friend Ricky and his wife at Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose, TX. I did not feel right and with every step I took my breast hurt. Finally told them something is not right, and Ricky’s response was, “on the way back home were stopping to get you two pregnancy tests.”

So, hours later and lunch we stopped by the grocery store bought two tests and off to Ricky and Patrice’s house to take the test. Patrice was so excited she came into the bathroom with me as we waited for the lines to appear, and THEY DID. We were all overcome with so much emotion and the phone calls started.

This is just the beginning of one of the most rewarding roles…. check back for updates on the rest of this story.