The Other Half

Get To Know Justin

Justin is known for his mustache, love of his momma, and his cows. l’m sure he loves me too. 🙂 He has a dry sense of humor, and you never know when he is being serious. I often have to tell him “Ok it’s time for a serious conversation” to get him to be serious.  

He loves his family and will do anything for them and other’s as well. Justin works hard and does not know what take it easy or relax means. He is 90 miles an hour from the time he wakes up till he falls asleep.  

If you know Justin like I do you will get used to his sense of humor, well it may take time but there is never a dull moment. He leaves me often thinking “What did he just say?” 

I will post some “Justinism’s” for your entertainment here and there as well. Like I said there is never a dull moment with him. 

Apron’s from my manager we received as a wedding gift.

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