Our 1st Wedding Day

March 28th 2020

Leading up to our wedding day was stressful, depressing, and rocky. I know everyone faces this when planning a wedding but this was different for us. THE WORLD SHUT DOWN JUST 2 WEEKS BEFORE OUR WEDDING DAY! There would be no wedding venue, crowd of guests, lots of food, dancing, and normal wedding photos.

I was scared of the unknown. 2 weeks before the wedding day Coronavirus hit with the vengeance. Safety was my top priority but not marrying my best friend the way we wanted was taking a toll on me. I was now working from home. Which was a huge change and most would love it but I didn’t at first.

Our Original Plans Changed

By now the CDC said no more than 10 people in a gathering, our venue shut down (just like everything else), my hair salon shut down so wedding hair wasn’t on the horizon, makeup well let’s just say I’m no pro at make up, and the wedding guest list shrunk drastically.

My dad waiting for me to walk me down the “aisle”.
Wedding photos COVID addition! Sometimes you have to find humor in some of the scariest times.

We compromised with what we had and my mom was gracious enough to offer her living room for the ceremony. Small and simple and I couldn’t have been happier.

Thankfully my hair stylist of 20+ years offered to do my hair still, our long time friend since kindergarten Perla Banda did my makeup, I bought the cake and simple barbecue from Sams, I purchased press on nails from Walmart, and Jeff Johnson (Pops) still agreed to perform the ceremony. Our immediate family, Jeff & Danette Johnson and Perla witnessed the union.

We had fun with the situation and Covid-19 didn’t mess our day up after all. It hurt not to have the crowd we wanted and that wanted to be there but WE DID IT!

Yes he did that!!! At least it tasted great!
Craig Smith, Justin, Tiffany, & Penny
Getting ready!
Love that my dad and son shared the moment of walking me down the aisle!
Us, Bob, Elaine, and Clint McAbee.
Sister’s it’s hard to get a serious photo with Ashley no matter the occasion. 🤣
Notice Justin is no where near me! Getting the cake off my face.
The Smith’s and the McAbee’s
I will cherish this memory always! Pops lost his battle to cancer 2 years later.

There’s so many photos I want to add but I can’t add them all.

Proof my father in law does love me!
Us with Momma Danette and Pops!
Ashley decided to photo bomb!
Justin and I with Hunter and girlfriend Makayla!
Justin and I with his brother Clint and Clint’s girlfriend Patty!
My nephew Aden the ring bearer!