August 31st

We all make sacrifices day in and day out!!!

As couples, parent’s, and single parent’s. I’ve been the single momma who has gone without to make sure their child as everything they needed before. Not what they wanted. I do firmly believe being a single parent is one of the toughest jobs out there. After all it does take a village to raise a child.

I believe couples also make huge sacrifices on a daily that can effect your relationship negatively if you don’t make the best of what time you can together. Then own your own business and it can really complicate things.

My Teenage Visions

I can remember has a teenager often telling my mom I wanted to be a business owner. At that time I wanted it to be a movie store (you know when VHS tapes were around 🤪) and have a tanning bed in the back. Mom and I were going to work it together. Then I wanted to be an artist. I loved freehand drawing and painting. I wasn’t to shabby at it either. Then it was I wanted to own a boutique and call it Fincher’s Findings, something I could leave behind for Hunter and his family.

Well it happened, not totally how I thought it would all play out. There’s no more VHS tapes, no huge boutique, or a tanning bed but with my husband we now own a feed store here in the local DFW.

It was an already established business so the transition wasn’t hard and Justin had been working for the owner, Bill Mock, for 20+ years so he knew the ropes. Bill wanted to retire and I told Justin it was a no brainer for us to purchase.

I knew there would be difficult times and they would not out weigh the good times. I remember my parents being so happy for us and worried at the same time although they didn’t speak about the worry. Justin’s parents were hopeful but had reservation’s. I just remember my dad saying, “your 1st year is going to be the hardest!”

My Daddy Was Right

The very 1st day we took over we received notices from all vendors that prices would be going up. Just great!! Long time customer’s knew we just purchased and they hadn’t seen prices increase in 20 some odd years. We immediately were wondering if we would lose customers or if they’d understand. I mean after all we are in the middle of a recession (some may not agree) and we didn’t purchase when businesses were booming and prices were low but I had faith.

We’ve had customer’s who understood and customer’s who blamed us for the price increases. We switched to other brands of feed to give customers options. If they wanted a different brand, same feed, and lower prices we had it but some customers still weren’t all that understanding at first. We’d tell our customer’s just like everything else going up so are feed prices. Would we like to keep the feed prices low? Of course, but it’s not feasible. Trust me we aren’t making big time profit. We are staying a float.

With owning your own business comes major sacrifices to your family, friends, time and all together life. Some understand and some don’t. Justin and I have always worked as a team even before owning this business together. We both give 100 to this marriage therefore I understood from day one there would be times I’d have to sacrifice.

The picture above says it all. With the drought we were going through here in Texas and every where else hay was hard to come by and the price increase of hay is crazy. This particular day our dinner date consisted of Don Juan’s (a Grand Prairie favorite) on the bed of Justin’s truck while he unloaded hay he just brought back to the feed store after closing time.

Justin has always been a hard worker and doesn’t know what relax or rest means but I’m grateful for who he is and how hard he works to make sure our business is successful. Therefore I will take what time I can with him no matter what it is.