The Next Best Thing – Being Aunt Titi

October 2021 Pumpkin Patch Waxahachie, TX

One of my greatest joy next to being a mom is being an aunt. Like that 2nd mom but cooler or a little stricter at times.

Yesterday, August 11th, started out a little rough for my oldest nephew. I received a call from my mom who was in Pennsylvania for the funeral of my Uncle Brad she had my nephew on the other phone crying. I could hear the worry in my moms voice she said Aden has vomited, claiming of a bad headache, his legs were hurting, couldn’t get a hold of his mom (she was at work) and he was scared to get off the phone till someone got there. So I left work immediately and hauled a$$ to my moms. Why does it always seem people drive slower or want to side swipe you when your in a hurry? Anyhow made it to my moms and Aden was sitting in the shower crying and shaking. I felt his forehead for a temp and could feel the fever. Of course the thermometer my mom had I didn’t like. I felt bad and scared. Aden wanted to take a shower with hopes it would help him feel better. So I made sure that he sat the whole time and turned the shower on for him.

In the mean time I rounded up the laundry to wash and waited for my sister to get there. Once Aden was out I took his blood pressure (mind you I’ve been searching for my blood pressure cuff for a few months) it was sitting in my moms drawer under the thermometer all this time. Adens blood pressure was high. 155/53. Something was going on that’s for sure. My sister arrived with the thermometer and we took his temp it was 100. For Aden not to be on his laptop or game we knew something was wrong. We waited another 30 mins and retook his BP and temp again both still high.

Aden and Lucas. November 2020 @ my wedding reception.

I headed back to work and my sister said she’d give 30mins to an hour to re-check Adens temp and blood pressure again. When she did it was still high so she took him to the emergency room. It was packed, she was there for about 3 hours, COVID test was done, Aden still had bad headache, and was sent home to wait for the PCR COVID test. August 13th and we’re still waiting on the results.

Lucas on his way to meet his new teacher at the “big boy” school.

While Ashley was at the hospital I continued to work till about 4:30 then headed to my moms to clean up some and get her car to go pick up Lucas from day care. It was a BIG day he’s starting Pre-K3 at the same school his Bubba, Aden went to. His momma was able to meet us right at 6 for the safety meeting and then on we went to meet his teacher.

Why am I walking him down the hallway fighting back tears? Lucas isn’t my son! I’m assuming because I hadn’t done this in 18+ years, after all my kiddo is 21.

Lucas was shy and when I asked him to take a picture with his teacher he refused and sat in the chair like he was scared.

Lucas in his Pre-K teachers room – Mrs. Och!

We asked the teacher the normal questions we needed to know and then convinced Lucas to get up and look at all the activities he will be able to do. I think that’s when the excitement for him finally kicked in.

He just had to try the sink out. I explained to him not to turn the water on full blast or water would go everywhere. I turned my head for 2 seconds and water was shooting everywhere! 🤪

It was about time to go but at this point he was ready to stay. I’m sure Ashley will have some mornings where he will throw a fit and not want to stay but I think he will have more good days then bad.

When we told him it was time he headed straight to another activity and was reluctant to leave.

I see Lucas being an over achiever and exceeding in all he does. He’s smart for just 3 years old and if I can remember correctly was completing full sentences by 2. He knows his colors, how to count, and some sign language (I think that’s so cool).

They say it takes a village to raise kids and I strongly believe this. I’m thankful to be in a position with a career that can afford me the flexibility to do this. When Hunter was Lucas’ age I had the best bosses a girl good ask for and was able to do these things with him. I can’t wait for Lucas to take field trips that may I can go on with him. Even though my patience is thin I will manage to enjoy moments such as this.

Overall the day started out a little rough and then turned out pretty awesome.

I’m one blessed Aunt and there’s no greater feeling.