3 Month Follow Up

On October 31st I went back to HerKare for my 3 month follow up! All my numbers have improved. I was really worried all this time about my A1C. I’ve been borderline diabetic since Hunter was about 3. Even when I was doing Keto a few years back my numbers were high. Well they finally dropped and I’m excited. Yes they still need to be lower but I’ll take 5.7 over 6.4 any day.

When speaking with the doctor the Mounjaro is working. Does it help with weight loss? Yes but it is a medication prescribed for Type 2 diabetics with the bonus of weight loss. Do I contribute my weight loss to the medication? Not totally. Guess what? I’ve had to put in work!!! I had a friend ask me do you think the medication is why you lost weight? My answer was this, it has helped with weight loss but I’ve learned portion control, added high fiber vegetables to my dinners, my sodas are sugar free (still not the best choice but a lot better than diet sodas), I eat more lean meats and fish, AND I work out/exercise. Matter of fact, as I’m typing this I’m on my stationary bike at a high resistance. I ride my bike if not everyday every other day no less than 5 miles and occasionally I add in arm weights. I also fast (not meaning to) but I’ve never been a huge breakfast person and I’m usually not hungry till lunch time.

Remember I have osteoarthritis in my neck and spine so I’m very limited to what exercise I can do but I didn’t give up and just rely on the medication I’ve put in work.

Back to the blood results, B12 has improved by 600 and everything else has too. The only thing that still needs work is my good cholesterol and doctor told me to eat more salmon. I love salmon but can never get it to taste like I really want it to. So again I will take a supplement to help with that along with making salmon for dinner at least once a week.

Again, I’m proud of myself and the journey hasn’t been easy but I’d rather take Mounjaro instead of being on insulin the rest of my life AND NO it’s not the sole reason I lost weight. Remember for anything in life to work you have to put in the WORK.

This was Halloween with my sister and I’ve got more of a waist line then I’ve had in years.
This was October 18th so from this point till Halloween you can tell I’ve lost a few pounds too.